Rheumatoid Arthritis homemade tools to aid in your daily activities



A wide or thick rubber band wrapped around the lid is a great tool to help grab the top of a jar to open it. They can also be used to wrap around door handles to make it easier to grab onto and turn. Cheap, fast and an effective alternative to some of the more expensive opening devices on the market.
Tulip Rubber Bands 30-pc


Sometimes the simple act of reaching across my body to pull the seat belt towards me so that I fasten it is too much. There are several options on the market which work well. For a cheap and fast version, I employ the use of a coat hanger. I personally like the coat hanger picture below. It is easy to use and I keep it wedged in between my seat and center console. It is black and the interior is black. It doesn’t look like an assistive device and just what it is, a simple coat hanger. The all wire hangers tend to bend too much.
Zober Non-Slip Velvet Hangers – Suit Hangers (50-pack) Ultra Thin Space Saving 360 Degree Swivel Hook Strong and Durable Clothes Hangers Hold Up-To 10 Lbs, for Coats, Jackets, Pants, and Dress Clothes


I have two dogs that are on special diets requiring that a can be opened. The dog food cans have the ring that pulls up. Two problems that I have with this. I bite my fingernails so I do not have nails to get under the ring to pull it up. The second problem is trying to grasp a thin ring when my fingers don’t want to work or hurt. I use an old style bottle opener which not only will get underneath it but it will also catch it in the ring so that I can pull up.
HQY 3 Pack 7″ Heavy Duty Flat Bottle Opener, Stainless Steel


This is great to put around a walking stick or other objects that have a handle that you need to grab onto. They have a slit in the slide so they slide onto to handles, bars and other objects.
Duck Brand Insulating Foam Pipe Covers, 0.5-Inch by 3-Feet, Pack of 4 Sticks, 1285250


These things are awesome to wrap around spoon handles, brush handles, pens, or other objects that you might have difficulties grabbing.
2 Pack (each contains 6 rollers) Soft PINK Foam Hair Styling Rollers SPONGE Curlers LARGE 1″ (you are getting total of 12 rollers)


This stuff is great for grabbing on to jar lids, to stabilize a bowel, or pens/pencils.

Duck Brand Select Grip Easy Liner Shelf and Drawer Liner, 12-Inch x 10-Feet, Chocolate

Take a dowel or wooden spoon and screw a cup hook into the end. Instant zipper hook.
10-Piece Metal Cup Hooks 3-3/8 Inch Rubbed Bronze Screw Hook Round End Screw Hooks
Wooden Dowel Rods – 3/4″ x 36″ Unfinished Hardwood Sticks – For Crafts and DIY’ers – Craftparts Direct – Bag of 5


Put on rubber or latex gloves so you can grip really well when twisting. I like using rubber gloves because they are generally easier for me to get on and off than latex gloves which are more tight fighting.
Playtex Living Reuseable Rubber Gloves (Medium, Pack – 3)

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